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Ron Chang: Crew Chief, Cybersecurity Account Manager, and Student Veteran

Prior to my time in the US Air Force, I was not what anyone would consider an academic or a scholar. I had failed out of University of Maryland College Park with a dismal 0.25 GPA...

The Pipeline’s Top Tips for Servicemembers in Transition

As a former Air Force pilot and serving reservist, I bring a wide range of skills and experiences to BluVector, a cybersecurity company where many of my veteran colleagues are applying their...

Michael Leidinger: Submariner, SVP & CIO for Hilton, and Navy Veteran

We connected with Hilton’s Michael Leidinger to discuss his path from the Navy to the private sector at Hilton where he serves as Chief Information Officer. Hilton was founded by a veteran and has hired thousands of veterans, military spouses, National Guard and reserve members in just the last few years. Michael joined Hilton in 2010. His military career began at the United States Naval Academy.

The Pipeline: Conor Burke – Signals Intelligence officer, software engineer, and Marine Corps Veteran

In this session of The Pipeline, we connect with Conor Burke, who served in the Marine Corps, worked as a contractor overseas, and is now a student veteran staying at Georgia Tech.

The Pipeline: Brad Rhodes – Head of Cybersecurity, Cyber Warfare Officer, and Army National...

Brad Rhodes has over 23 years of experience in cybersecurity with leadership roles in the federal, commercial, and military spaces. He holds multiple certifications and serves as an affiliate professor at Regis University. Dedicated to developing the next generation of cyber professionals, he coaches a CyberPatriot team and is a frequent speaker and mentor to transitioning military members.

The Pipeline: Paul Shaver — Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity specialist and US Navy and Army...

Paul Shaver is a US Navy veteran whose path to cybersecurity began in the Navy. Since leaving the Navy, he has served in a variety of roles, leading teams while focusing on automation and critical infrastructure security.

Matt Kiely: Author, Content Architect, Cybersecurity Practitioner and US Marine Corps veteran

Matt Kiely served in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Analyst, Special Access Program Security Officer, and System Administrator, helping to stand up Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, the first operational F-35B...

The Pipeline: Michael Smith – Security Consultant, Cybersecurity Startup Mentor, and Veteran

Michael Smith is an Army veteran who served as a Russian Linguist on active duty and infantryman in the National Guard. He’s a senior information security manager and technologist with over 25 years of experience in the IT security and intelligence fields.

Are you struggling to recruit veterans into cyber security? Start with understanding the challenge...

For employers struggling to meet their commitment to hiring veterans, BluVector's Spencer Sullivan offers advice to understand the transition process for service members leaving the military.

The Pipeline: AV (Air Force Intel/IT vet and Information Security Operator)

Interview with an anonymous veteran who moved from the Air Force to Infosec with advice on moving into cyber security.