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The Pipeline: Conor Burke – Signals Intelligence officer, software engineer, and Marine Corps Veteran

In this session of The Pipeline, we connect with Conor Burke, who served in the Marine Corps, worked as a contractor overseas, and is now a student veteran staying at Georgia Tech.

Matt Kiely: Author, Content Architect, Cybersecurity Practitioner and US Marine Corps veteran

Matt Kiely served in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Analyst, Special Access Program Security Officer, and System Administrator, helping to stand up Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, the first operational F-35B...

The Pipeline: Dan Costantino (CISO/CIO and United States Marine Corps Veteran)

Stories from military veterans about how they transitioned into cybersecurity careers. Dan Costantino is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Penn Medicine.