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4 Out of 5 Dentists Recommend Improving Your Cybersecurity

Remote is our new reality. Large tech companies like Twitter, Slack, and Facebook have made headlines for offering permanent work-from-home, and many others have moved back their targets for returning to offices to Summer 2021. It’s time for cybersecurity decision makers to embrace the New Networking Normal and make sure that WFH, in-office, and hybrid workers are part of your security strategy.

Cyber Feed Roundup – 8/31/20

Here are the stories that caught our eye this week: Remote learning: 10 tips for teachers Nobody planned for the current...

It Is Time to Consider Zero Trust Networks

Now is the right time for Information and Cyber Security Officers to consider the idea of Zero Trust Networks for your company.  Zero Trust Network (ZTN) is a cyber security concept that...

Cyber Feed Roundup – 6/5/20

Here are the Cyber stories that caught our eye this week: The Return of the Anonymous Hacker Collective The hacker collective was once a regular fixture...

Vets in Tech

"Vets in Tech" many non-profits need to adjust to the new job market climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One bay-area nonprofit has expanded their training and educational opportunities for the military community.

Peer Pressure to Adopt Contact Tracing Apps

We are all about to feel serious peer pressure to opt-in to contact tracing. Contact tracing is a technological solution to controlling a disease outbreak. In a modern context, this might mean use...

‘Black Masks’ and COVID: Examining the assault on health care

"Black Mask" healthcare hackers are increasingly attacking hospitals and other healthcare providers due to their vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Screen grab from company video

Look up, and say hello to your new pandemic drone overlords!

(Lead image: a screen grab from the company's YouTube video, embedded below)The city of Westport, Connecticut has already achieved pandemic infamy as an early hotspot and example of "super spreaders" driving a...
Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

“Syndromic Surveillance:” Stem the pandemic at the expense of our privacy?

As the scale and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes clear, efforts are shifting from trying to contain point outbreaks, to understanding the broader patterns in an attempt...