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Cybersecurity at Home: OSINT and Cleaning up your Google results

Take a few hours to clean up your search results - proactively preventing identity theft is an investment in your future.

Peer Pressure to Adopt Contact Tracing Apps

We are all about to feel serious peer pressure to opt-in to contact tracing. Contact tracing is a technological solution to controlling a...

‘Black Masks’ and COVID: Examining the assault on health care

"Black Mask" healthcare hackers are increasingly attacking hospitals and other healthcare providers due to their vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Look up, and say hello to your new pandemic drone overlords!

(Lead image: a screen grab from the company's YouTube video, embedded below)The city of Westport, Connecticut has already achieved pandemic infamy as...
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“Syndromic Surveillance:” Stem the pandemic at the expense of our privacy?

As the scale and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic becomes clear, efforts are shifting from trying to contain...