Dave Gaulin

Former combat airlift pilot who transitioned to the cyber world. Enjoys helping those shifting careers from the .mil to .civ realm.

The Pipeline: AV (Air Force Intel/IT vet and Information Security Operator)

Interview with an anonymous veteran who moved from the Air Force to Infosec with advice on moving into cyber security.

Veteran Security (VetSec)

For veterans looking for their next career move and considering the cybersecurity and IT fields, Veteran Security (VetSec) is nonprofit that helps those transitioning out of the military and veterans who have already made the jump.

The Pipeline: Mark Ferrari (Entrepreneur, CISO, and United States Air Force Veteran)

Mark Ferrari is Principal and Co-Founder of Latitude Information Security, which provides information security services exclusively to the healthcare industry. He is...

The Pipeline: Dan Costantino (CISO/CIO and United States Marine Corps Veteran)

Stories from military veterans about how they transitioned into cybersecurity careers. Dan Costantino is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Penn Medicine.

Vets in Tech

"Vets in Tech" many non-profits need to adjust to the new job market climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One bay-area nonprofit has expanded their training and educational opportunities for the military community.

CyberPatriot: Training the next generation of cyber defenders

Training and inspiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is more than simply an economic imperative. It's clear that the supply of...

Serve Again: 5 ways for vets to get into cybersecurity

Over 200,000 veterans leave the military each year, most in search of a career in the civilian workforce. Cybersecurity is a natural...